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w+ Enterprise PLUS 150

Step 2

Register the hosting and SMTP server

We provide a separate hosting Platform which we connect to your app and provide full cPanel access to manage your websites and email addresses

To get started...

We need you to confirm which domain you wish to use to host your service

Option 1

You can use an existing domain you already own and change the name servers at the register you use to host the domain which will be a service like GoDaddy or Namecheap etc

Simply login to your domain host and change the name servers below



Option 2

Buy a new domain

We also provide domain registrations as part of our service and all our new domain registrations include free SSL certificates and privacy protection

Click the link below to begin the registration process

Step 1

Choose the domain, the image below shows the option to search and register a new domain, if you wish to use an existing domain you own simply select that option and add your domain and click continue

Step 2

Choose the billing cycle

Please select the monthly or annual plan you have purchased  

Step 3

Review and click to checkout

Step 4

Complete the registration and click to Complete Order

This is the registration complete, you have already made full payment and we now have your information to create your account and you will receive your cPanel login details automatically once the account creation is complete

Thats it, all done and ready to go!

The registration is now complete and we will aim to complete the full set up of the service including validating the important DKIM and SPF records and creating the DMARC records within 24 hours although this can take up to 48 hours based on the time required for the records to propagate

Once the set up is complete we will notify you using the email you have used to make the purchase, in the meantime, you will have received your cPanel login details to your server and you can access this to add your websites and create your email accounts as required


You can find a link to our general support desk in the navigation above, we also provide a support link inside the app for any more technical type questions

SMS Credit Terms & Conditions

To get the lowest rates on the market we must commit to purchase credits which are non-refundable, so we don’t offer any refunds on credits once purchased.

 Please only purchase credits if you are 100% sure you can use them or sell them

If you want to test the app first please make a small purchase of credits to use in your tests (100 credits in US costs just $ 1.5)

You are asked to confirm this before making any purchase