Please click the links to read and accept the terms of making a purchase of any of the InboxingPro apps

You are purchasing a license to use the app not the intellectual rights or any software

The app will be updated and upgraded where necessary for the duration of the license type

No additional costs for hosting or further upgrades will be applicable unless you have purchased hosting from us directly

We do not guarantee any results from using the app and individual results are based on best practice when sending emails and SMS messages

We are not connected or associate in any way to any other 3rd party email service provider and the APP acts purely as an interface to connect to their services

Any paid upgrade to use a 3rd party service must be completed directly with the 3rd party company

Please click the lnks below to access and agree to the terms

Refund Policy

We provide a support desk to contact us for any issues.  You can find a link in the footer of our websites, please click this link and open a ticket

 If you want a refund, please contact us with your request using our support desk to ensure a speedy response and 100% of all refund requests within 14 days of the date of purchase will be honoured

If you have taken our free domain name offer and you cancel within the refund period the cost of the domain registration will be deducted from the refund amount

We will process the refund back to the payment method used within 24 hours during normal business hours

Please Note

If you have any set up issues outside of the 14 days this is not an acceptable reason to request a refund and we provide outstanding support to help with any set up questions or issues

We feel 14 days is a very reasonable period for you to set up and put the app to use or request a refund and this sale is based on you accepting this refund clause

 If you have any concerns that 14 days is not long enough for you to set up and use the app, please make sure you request a refund within 14 days following the procedure above

Annual Subscriptions

If you pay an annual subscription, the subscription can be cancelled directly in your PayPal account and no further payments will be processed and your access to the service will be removed

If you wish to cancel directly with us, please ensure you open a support ticket and request the annual subscription not be cancelled

Please make sure you provide at least 7 days’ notice before the renewal is due

If you fail to cancel the subscription or notify us the subscription payment will be processed but we do provide a 48-hour period after payment is made to request a refund

Please note no refunds are due after the 48-hour grace period