Complete Online marketing solutions that don’t break the bank!

Powerful Cross Channel marketing using email and 2-way SMS text messages

Outstanding email delivery using built in SMTP servers with dedicated IP and super-fast hosting included

Discount Pricing – Comprehensive features – Outstanding Performance

Why pay more

We provide individual services and bespoke package solutions using a combination of our features below

Getting Started with email marketing

Our Enterprise email license includes all of our powerful features and unlimited everything for up to 100,000 contacts

Getting started with SMS marketing

We provide a state-of-the-art SMS platform built on advanced 2 way chat bot technology and no 3rd party integrations required

Taking it up a notch

Cross channel marketing achieves the best results, the more touch points you have with a customer, the better the result

Our Enterprise X platform provides all of the advanced features of the Enterprise email and SMS app combined into 1 powerful app and this platform is highly recommended to hit the ground running

Taking it to another level

To get the best possible email delivery you need to be in control of your own sending reputation and the only way to do this is to send your campaigns from a dedicated IP

Our PLUS packages provide a complete solution for online marketers to short cut the process and get guaranteed results

We take our Enterprise X platform and add our unique hosting solution that includes website hosting on super-fast SSD drives, guaranteed email sending allowance of up to 300,000 emails per month sent from your own dedicated IP

 This is our flagship platform that provides outstanding email delivery and website hosting for a fraction of the cost

We are sure you can find a solution to help you get started or scale to the next level

You can see the individual features in the links above and we provide prices for individual and package plans

We are also here to help so if you need any help or have any questions please use our support desk link in the footer navigation and we will do our best to help you with the answers

Features at a glance...

Discount Pricing – Comprehensive features – Outstanding Performance

Import unlimited Lists with no List Verification required

Create lists, import unlimited subscribers with no list verification, set to single/double opt in and set up redirects to your OTOs in a couple of clicks

Customizable list forms compatible with all the major page builder software

You are not limited in designing your own opt in form codes and you can customize as you want, load in your own CSS and JS files to make your forms look amazing

If you use a page builder, simply create your opt in list code in the app and copy and paste in to the page builder squeeze page without any further editing requirements

Create great looking email campaigns with our drag n drop editor

Create great looking emails and newsletters using our drag n drop html editor.  

Create templates to use for future which can automatically include your unsubscribe link, company address and website URL to comply fully with the Can-Spam act

Choose from 30 professional templates

 Create eye catching newsletters using a choice of over 30 professionally designed pre-loaded email templates based on themes, seasons and business types for increased conversion

Outstanding Email delivery

Inbuilt SMTP server delivers more emails to the inbox using our unique server configurations, dedicated IP for each customer and a guaranteed daily sending allowance

More of your emails will get delivered to the inbox because it’s based on the reputation of your IP and domain name and not affected by anyone else

We have created a totally unique solution to get the best email delivery whilst providing the lowest cost web hosting on super-fast servers - Why Pay more?

Super Fast Hosting Included powered by...

cPanel allows you to easily control every aspect of your website.. Email, Files, Statistics, Script Installation, Databases, Security and more. Things that could be complicated are made easy with cPanel.

The features inside the cPanel Control Panel automate processes that many users must do manually with some hosting services. So no waiting on your host you have a lot more control.. This interface offers you a way to quickly view account-related information and provides easy access to the wide variety of tools and utilities that come with your account.

Detailed reports including analytics and IP locations

Track Clicks, opens, unsubscribers and bounce rates

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Get full reporting data including analytics and Google IP locations

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Comprehensive SMS features

Deliver targeted SMS campaigns using our totally unique SMS platform that rewards existing customers with exclusive offers and converts cold enquires to new customers on autopilot

Engage and Incentivise existing customers

Upload customer contact details to a new phone book contact list and create keyword campaigns to target specific offers

Customers that reply with the keyword are automatically sent a reply, which can contain a coupon code or link to a landing page

All recipients are automatically added to a new phone book contact list for better future targeting

Convert cold leads to paying Customers

We have developed a totally unique chat bot that converts cold enquires to hot leads and delivers coupon codes or special offers on complete autopilot

Create social media banners and instore flyers to create special offers

All messages sent to the number with the Unique Keyword are automatically added to a contact list and receive an automated reply

Works great for creating a rewards club, create attractive joining offers to effortlessly build a list of new VIP rewards club customers on complete auto-pilot

State of the art 2 way chat bot technology 

Here is a typical chat bot flow for a local car repair and valet company using a 20% discount offer off a full car service

Its painting by numbers easy to create unlimited chat bot flows that add revenue and build the brand

Click images below to enlarge

Create set and forget Autoresponder campaigns

Deliver the latest offers direct to your customers phone every day, week or month to suit your clients business on autopilot

Simply create a landing page and upload the latest offers and deals

Create the autoresponder message and add the link to the landing page

Set the message to deliver weekly, monthly or at a custom time to suit and the messages are delivered on autopilot

It really doesn’t get any easier to drive more customers each and every week with the minimum amount of work required

Outstanding Delivery

 We connect to worldwide, industry leading platforms to provide outstanding service and fast delivery

Local quality

With Global Low Latency (GLL), your messages automatically take the shortest and highest quality path. Local carrier connections worldwide help us validate that your messages can be delivered, and you receive real-time delivery status

Local numbers for better conversions and 2-way messages

According to recent research, as many as 64% of customers want to be able to engage with companies via two-way messaging and acquiring a long number (also known as a virtual mobile number) enables businesses to do just that.

It has also been proven that customers much prefer to call and text local numbers rather than national telephone or short code text message numbers

Unique service – Outstanding performance – Why pay more

You are in safe hands...

Let our rock-solid servers take the load to deliver more of your marketing messages to the inbox not the spam box

We launched our app in September 2017 and we currently provide email, SMS marketing services and specialist hosting to thousands of customers across the globe

We store over 19 million subscribers for our customers

We send up to 1,000,000 emails per day, every day

Provide professional marketing services directly from the app

We provide a client portal to enable you to provide professional marketing services, features include,

Create unlimited client accounts

Unlimited domain names

No 3rd party integrations required

Buy/sell SMS credits directly inside the app

Full reporting suite

Flexibility is the key to our Success

We know not everyone is ready to launch a full blown platform costing $200 - $300 per year and maybe as a new marketer they are looking to add email marketing as a way to start to build and scale their online business

Start with the Enterprise email app and once your contacts grow, add the SMS features with our Enterprise X platform and finally take your efforts to the next level with our flagship Enterprise PLUS platform that includes everything an online marketer needs in 1 low cost, fixed price budget

You can get more details about each service using the links in the navigation above and you can see the prices for all of our services on the link below

We are here to help, if you have any questions please open a support ticket below and our onboard team can make sure you have the answers to get you started and remember we also provide a full 14 day refund period  

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