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Creating a new Chat Bot

You can create a master Chat Bot for each telephone number you have.  If you want to create automated chat flows for clients, you can either create them using your own number or if the volume is sufficient you can also request to purchase a new dedicated number that can be assigned to your client

Once you have created a master bot you can add unlimited keyword chat flows using your telephone number

Add new Bot

Enter a name for your master bot, the telephone number will be automatically added to the drop down, if you have more than 1 number the drop down will display all available numbers

To create a new chat flow, click on edit

Enable time delay reply

You have the option to set a time delay to replicate the average time it takes to reply to a text message.  We have set the delay to 1 second to input 3 characters up to a maximum delay of 90 seconds.  If you wish to enable this, please select “yes”

Add a new Keyword

Click to add keyword

You can select the list you wish to add the contacts to that reply to your chat flow


If no list is specified the chat flow will not work correctly because no field data will be added to the message resulting in the message being sent with the field tags visable

You can create a new list or use and existing list, you can also add unlimited keyword flows to the same list, so using the restaurant example, you might have chat flow campaigns for a free course, a free bottle of wine, discount coupon etc and you would add all of the contacts to 1 main list and in this instance we remove duplicates so only 1 record per customer is saved to each list

If you want to create a different campaign for the same customer simply create a new list and the contact will be added and be found on 2 lists

You have 3 options to activate the reply based on any reply 

Contains – This is the most common use and the reply is triggered if the keyword is found anywhere within the text message

Equals – If you use a 1-word message, text KEYWORD this will trigger the equals response

Defaults – If the bot doesn’t find the keyword using contains or equals the default message is used,

This ensures whatever reply is received, a reply message will be sent and you will not miss out on a possible lead

Adding New Fields

You can add and delete new fields based on the information you wish to gather but you can’t delete the default fields used to collect and store data.

{name}   {email}   {company}

The default fields above collect data from the replies your chat flow generates and this data is used to send bulk and autoresponder messages.  

Enter the new field using the logic below and save

Type is added in this format {name}

Display is the word displayed in the chat flow you create

Keywords is the keyword chat flow you wish to add the field

Setting up the first chat flow using "Contains"

It is advisable to set up your first campaign using “contains” as the match type 

So for example if you are sending a campaign for a restaurant free course offer your “contains” campaign will ask for a reply FREECOURSE and the first question asks for a or b based on getting a starter or dessert.  This flow is only triggered on the keyword being received in the reply message

You will always have instances where the recipient doesnt reply correctly with the exact keyword so to ensure we dont waste the opportunity to capture a lead we also have the option to create an additional chat flow using the defaults option which is triggered on any reply NOT including the keyword

Notify me

If you wish to be notified about any replies sent to your keyword campaign you can add a mobile number and we will send an alert for every message reply, this may not be practical for bulk sending

 To create a chat flow

Click + to create a new chat flow based on the keyword ADDED.

Once you have added any new fields required you can create your chat flow


The chat flow is built using questions, answers and finally a response. 

If you add a response no other questions or answers can be added so only use the response as the final message

The bot collects data based on the fields you have, the default fields collect name, email and company

You can only collect 1 data point per message so you can ask for the email, name or company in individual messages but not more than 1 per message

A typical flow for the restaurant example we have used previously is designed to collect the name and email of the customer and also how many people are in the party

So, the first task in this example is to create a new field {numberinparty} as shown below

Its now time to build your chat flow

The keyword sent in the bulk SMS is FREECOURSE

In this instance we are promoting a free course offer based on a set date and time slot to drive more customers in the quieter periods to the restaurant and the offer is a choice of a starter or dessert

The flow is set up to be as natural as possible with the time delay set for the replies

Draft the flow out in a word doc prior to creating the chat flow in the bot

Adding a question

To ask a question that includes a request for a field, add the question and click to save to the field you have requested, so below you can see how we save the question to capture the name of the customer

To add the name of the field you have captured, add the field name to the question or response, below we have added the name and the number in the party to the question

 OK {name}, we confirm your party of {numberinparty} will enjoy a free starter on 5th May
What is the best email to also send you the confirmation?

This message is sent as follows

 OK David, we confirm your party of 4 will enjoy a free starter on 5th May
What is the best email to also send you the confirmation?

Here is a chat flow created

The final response reads

Great David, you are now booked in and the confirmation has also been sent to your email, 



Creating a default chat flow

Here is an example of how a restaurant would set up a default campaign based on having 3 active offers for a free starter, bottle of wine or dessert

The default campaign will be triggered on any reply not containing the keyword

This ensures you do not miss any replies that have not been sent correctly and do not include your keywords

If you have a range of products, offers or services  the default campaign should be designed to provide a choice of your offers to get the chat back on point and once you confirm the offer or product the reply is intended for, you can replicate the flow set up using the “Contains” match chat flow

 Here is an example of how a restaurant would set up a default campaign based on having 3 active offers for a free starter, bottle of wine or dessert

The first message reply finds out exactly what the reply is intended for and then starts to build up the information required to confirm a booking

As you can see, this works seemlessly and replicates a real person conversation

View the conversation

You can see the chat flow in the CHAT SMS link

Reply in real time

Select the conversation you wish to make a reply to, you can make replies in real time to live messages and bot replies


If you want to reply to a bot message you can simply disable the bot and take over the conversation in real time, once you have completed the conversation you can set the bot to active once again

If the flow has been completed in the bot, you can simply reply without turning the bot off

You make and receive your replies in the field below and you turn the bot off from making any more automated replies by selecting the + link and turning the bot OFF

Turn the bot OFF/ON

Click on the link below to select on or off to send and receive automated replies 

Select ON/OFF

Always send your campaigns to your own phone before launching any public promotions to check the flow is correct