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To get started please follow the set-up guide below in the order we provide so you can be set up and ready to go in the shortest time

You will receive your members area login details after your purchase

Once you login you will see this screen, please click the link to register the app making sure you confirm the email we send to activate the app

​When you login for the first time you will need to set up some basic requirements

To get started complete the profile section below

Sender ID

To send and receive messages requires a sender ID and approved telephone number.

We confirm your sender ID and allocate an outbound number for you to use to send and receive your messages

Please request a sender ID that can be a maximum of 11 letters, this will be something your customers can recognise you by so it can be your brand or a part of your brand or product for example

The sender ID is summitted and we will approve and authorise the request within 24 hours but in most cases within a few hours and we will also allocate a telephone number that you will use to send 2-way messages

Adding Contacts

If you have any customers and subscribers with mobile numbers you can create a phone book and add the contacts, you have the option to import or copy and paste

Buying Credits

You send your SMS campaigns using credits that are added to your account after purchase.

 The credits are available on as pay as you go basis

Add the number of credits you wish to purchase and the total amount due will be displayed 

You can pay either using your credit or debit card or by PayPal

The credits are automatically added to your balance and the credits are deducted automatically f rom your balance based on 1 credit per 160-character message

If your message exceeds 160 characters 2 credits will be deducted

Credits are deducted for outbound and inbound messages

Credits are purchased on a pay as you go basis and do not expire

View Invoice

Once you make your purchase the credits are automatically added to your account and are deducted automatically based on the number of messages sent

You can view your invoice and print or save for your own records

Adding Client Records

You can provide full agency services for clients and you can create accounts in the app and you can also create client groups to easily manage larger client bases 

To add a new client click on add new client

You can add manually or import your existing clients

SMS Templates

You can create a range of tempates based on the type of messages you are sending and simply select the template when you are creating your campaigns

You can insert a range of merged fields to help personalize and create the text that can be edited with new links if required

Next Step

Now you have the basics of the set up completed its time to create your campaigns, automated chat bots and lead generation 

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