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PLUS Intermediate

Welcome to the members area of inboxingPro PLUS

I want to thank you for choosing InboxingPro PLUS to deliver your emails and this member area is designed to provide as much help and information as possible so you can be set up and sending emails in the fasted possible time.

Getting Started

To get started click the link below to register your app, please ensure you follow the process below to get access.

Once you have registered the app please refer to the tutorials in the links above to help with setting up and creating your first campaign

Please complete the registration below

Look for our email confirmation in the email account you used to register the app and double click the link to confirm your registration

You are automatically directed to the profile section in the app to start the set up.

Please ensure you complete all fields making sure you set the correct timezone for your region because your campaigns are sent based on this time

After you have completed the profile section click to complete the company details, it is these details that will be used in the footer of your campaigns if you wish to provide any company information

You only register the app once, after this you need to login using your email you used to make the purchase and the password you used to set up your account after registration.

Once you have done this please click on the set-up guide above and follow the simple step by step guide which includes video tutorials on the complete set up required

As you will see, we have made this copy and paste simple so please take a couple of minutes to review the guides before you start

We will also be adding useful information to our blog on how to further improve your email marketing efforts so please check back on a regular basis

Once you have set up and verified the settings please click on user guide to provide a full step by step guide to setting up your app the send emails successfully

This app has been designed to ensure all the protocols and verification processes required by all the Internet Service providers are included in every email you send ensuring you will land in more and more inboxes not spam boxes

The entry level system is to use your own hosting SMTP to send your emails and you can import unlimited lists with unlimited subscribers and send unlimited emails

The second option is to create account or accounts with a 3rd party service that provides an allowance of free emails each month

You will need to create an account and add a billing method with them to qualify for the higher free allowance but you set the app to send to the maximum allowed so you never need to make a payment

If you are sending more than 8000 emails per day or you wish the emails to be sent faster, choose a 3rd party service based on your requirements and connect directly to them using the pre-configured APIs we have set up

You simply need to create an account at any 1 of the 12 providers available and copy and paste some details like the server name, password etc and send unlimited emails from as little as 10 cents per 1000 emails sent

This is the recommended route for the more established marketers with bigger lists and most marketers that import dead lists from their monthly subscription autoresponder services see an immediate improvement in open and click through rates so a great immediate benefit

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