Our Advanced Technology Produces Outstanding Results as a Trusted Sender

If you are trying to send emails from your hosting SMTP and you don’t have automatic protocol verifications built in to EVERY email you send you are SIMPLY WASTING YOUR TIME!

InboxingPro provides a totally unique system that gets more emails delivered to the inbox not the spam box

We do this by building in key protocols to authenticate every email sent from the app to automatically pass the 3 key ISP requirements to become a trusted sender

Unless an autoresponder platform can validate the sending domain with the 3 essential protocols required by every email service provider your emails will not get delivered  

Our customers constantly achieve much higher than industry standard results because we have built this app from the ground up

We acheive these results because we ensure every email sent from our app is fully compliant with the latest can spam laws and passes the 3 essential protocol checks to enable our customers to build up a trusted sender reputation

Can Spam compliant with Trusted Sender Reputation

Sending emails as a trusted sender means more of your emails are delivered directly to the inbox and the more emails that are delivered means more revenue from the same campaign

When we started to develop the app our first target was to make sure we can provide EXACTLY what Google require to deliver emails to the inbox

After all, they are responsible for delivering over 90% of the worlds marketing emails

When it comes to sending email here is what Gmail tells us it needs to verify to deliver emails to the inbox:

Consistently send from the same IP Address(es)

Use a consistent "From" domain for each type of email

Sign messages with DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail)

Publish a SPF Record (Sender Policy Framework)

Publish a DMARC Policy (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance)


Gmail has increased their reliance on authentication. In addition to authentication’s impact on filtering, Gmail distinguishes authenticated versus unauthenticated mail for their users.

Putting it simply means

If you are trying to send emails not providing this level of authentication you will not have any success with email marketing

All the major email service providers and big autoresponder companies have this process fully integrated in their sending process, but you will of course pay handsomely for the privilege

You can try to configure a plugin, desktop software or app to obtain this level of built in authentication but unless you are an advanced developer this is going to be very expensive and time consuming

So, we created a unique app that provides all the verification and validation all the major email service providers require

Here is the automated process our emails go through to ensure they pass all of the checks required by the major ISPs

Are you starting to see the major issues of trying to get your emails delivered from apps, software and plugins not providing this level of authentication?

You decide how you want to deliver your emails using a choice of 2 powerful options

Send emails for FREE using your own hosting SMTP server or connect to a choice of 12 specialist email services 

Get started sending a few thousand emails per day for free using your own hosting SMTP server or scale and send up to 100k per hour connecting up to 12 of the worlds leading 3rd party specialist email services using our pre-configured templates, if you can copy and paste you can connect your accounts in minutes

Connect up to 12 of the world’s leading email services providers using pre-configure APIs and templates

If you can copy and paste you can connect your accounts in minutes

Check out the specialist providers below who collectively send over 80% of the worlds non spam email

Build Multiple Brand Awareness

Unlike other plugins and desktop apps, we have designed our system to use unlimited domain names to send campaigns, this means if you have more than 1 website you can set up individual domain names to send the campaigns and these can be sent from the same server, all you need to do is to validate each domain following the set-up guide, this is a massive benefit with many other systems not affording this level of flexibility

Add multiple tracking domains

If you do want to send campaigns from multiple brand names, we also have the option to add unlimited tracking domains, so you can track individual campaigns and automatically provide individual unsubscribe links

100% Responsive for Mobile

The app is 100% responsive and can be accessed from any device to send campaigns and check reports, emails are delivered faster and with more success when they are smaller to suit the device, InboxingPro automatically optimises all campaigns to suit the device

It’s a white Label solution WITHOUT the additional fees

Normally white labelled email is only used by the bigger brands because of the additional costs normally associated with it

White labelling has many benefits and we have designed our app to take advantage of these benefits but without the added costs

Unlike some other autoresponder systems around that send your campaigns from their URL to help build their brand, all your emails will always be from YOUR website not ours

All the links in your emails will be through YOUR website.

When users share your emails on social media it will be on YOUR website giving your brand the SEO benefits from social sharing.

Email Headers matter massively

Email Headers Matter massively and this is a big factor in validating sending domains.

Unlike many other providers, your email header will show from your domain (sent via yourdomain.com instead of sent via the email service provider as others do)

It is far more difficult to build a brand identity and increase the sender reputation if the sender domain name is not your own brand

Smart Import/Export

Easily manage your lists, campaigns, subscribers and reports with our smart Import/Export feature

Built in File Manager for Image Upload

InboxingPro has a built-in file manager to easily upload images to your campaigns and templates

InboxingPro has been designed by marketers for marketers to get the best possible advantage and get more emails delivered to the inbox

Email marketing is booming and is growing year on year, but Internet Service Providers have a constant battle to combat spam and try to provide a better service to their customers which are your subscribers

Measures to try to control this will only get more restrictive and email will become even more difficult to deliver so doesn’t it make sense to be ahead of the curve and use a system set up to automatically provide emails in exactly the format they require out of the box with no other input required

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