Exclusive Web Hosting for email marketers

All inclusive hosting package designed by email marketers for email marketers gets emails delivered as a trusted sender (At a fraction of the cost of a typical monthly service)

If you are starting out as an email marketer, it can be difficult but more importantly expensive to get started

As a minimum requirement, you need hosting for your webpages and a reliable autoresponder to send your campaigns

Most marketers starting out choose the cheapest hosting option which is shared hosting and a monthly autoresponder service like Aweber

You will pay $29 per month to aweber to store up to 2500 subscribers and you can find shared hosting for $10 - $15 per month so around $40 per month to get started

The issue most marketers face is the rising cost of the autoresponder service once the number of subscribers starts to increase

Marketers very quickly discover the costs for the autoresponder service skyrocket once they pass 2500 subscribers and costs can escalate to hundreds of dollars per month very quickly

So, what is the answer

You can find self-hosted autoresponders and WordPress plugins that are either a 1 time cost or annual fee

Back in 2017 we were looking at alternatives for this very same issue and after much research found nothing that could delivery emails as a trusted sender because there was no way to build in a trusted sender domain reputation so we decided to develop our very own cloud based autoresponder

We created Inboxingpro back in 2017 to provide a low-cost alternative that would deliver emails in bulk by automatically validating the sending domain as a trusted sender and this has been a massive success with thousands now using Inboxingpro for their marketing emails

The app works with any specialist 3rd party service using SMTP servers like Amazon SES, SendGrid, Elastic email etc and you pay for emails sent rather than subscribers stored and whilst the cost is nowhere near the typical monthly services it can still be a significant cost based on the numbers of emails sent per month once you start to scale

The alternative is to use your own SMTP server which most of our customers do and this is normally done using a dedicated server because a dedicated IP is required to ensure you can protect and build your own sender reputation

This is the most cost-effective option and you can get started for around $60 per month sending unlimited emails from your own dedicated server

But It’s still too expensive for most starting out

Whilst the established marketers are saving thousands of dollars sending emails using their own dedicated servers via our app

We identified a significant number of our new customers were either starting out with no list or had a smaller size list and couldn’t really justify even $60 per month for a dedicated server because the numbers were simply not there

And this got us thinking...

Around 3 months ago we completely redesigned our own server structure and migrated to much bigger, superfast servers and our app is producing outstanding results

As part of this new structure we have added our own hosting division with a full range of services including dedicated servers, domain name registrations and SSL Certificates

We have also created a totally unique hosting package exclusively for email marketers on a budget either getting started or looking to further reduce costs combining 3rd party servers with their own SMTP server

We know customers new to email marketing still want to achieve great email delivery but don’t want to invest hundreds of dollars doing so especially when first starting out

We know these same customers maybe don’t have 20 websites and need to store thousands of pages and the minimum entry level hosting would work fine until the business can be scaled and the added costs justified

But Before we go any further it is important to note not all shared hosting is the same

Here is how traditional shared hosting works

Typical shared hosting is a cheap way to host websites and data and is used by most starting out, the upside is the low cost, you can find shared hosting plans for a few dollars per month

The downside to shared hosting is you are sharing the server with hundreds if not thousands of others and if just 1 of the other customers sends spam you are affected because the shared IP will be blacklisted

It is impossible to get any sort of bulk email delivery because of the poor reputation of the IP and critically it is impossible to validate your own domain name because you cannot add the required domain records to become a trusted sender in the eyes of the major ISPs like Google and Yahoo

If you do attempt to send bulk emails you have a cap typically of 100-200 per hour and most services restrict peak time sending so for anyone serious about email marketing, it is impossible to get any success

You can see most hosting companies offering “unlimited disk space” but this is simply impossible because each server has a certain disk space limit, and this can result in slow site loading speeds especially during peak periods when most are sending traffic to their websites

In conclusion

Traditional shared hosting is great if you have a few websites that don’t get that much traffic and you want the cheapest entry level hosting to get you up and running and you intend to use a 3rd party service to send your emails

But now there is another totally unique solution that uses the concept of cost-effective shared hosting and the power of sending emails using a dedicated IP


From today not all shared hosting plans are equal!

Its a totally Unique Solution

We have designed a totally unique hosting plan that cleverly combines the benefits of low-cost shared hosing and adds the essential components required to become a trusted email sender in the eyes of the major ISPs like Google and Yahoo

Perfect for new marketers

This inclusive email marketing solution is a perfect way to set up as a new marketer with a low fixed cost monthly payment to provide the essential services to host web pages and send marketing emails that get delivered to the inbox not the spam box

Essential for experienced marketers to reduce costs

If you are an experienced marketer using a 3rd party service we are connected to like  SendGrid, Mailjet or Elasticemail this is a perfect backup to have in place to work in parallel with the 3rd party service and this can be set up very easily in the app

Check out the unique features

  • We allocate each customer their own exclusive space on each shared server based on the plan chosen and we do not add more than 100 customers to any server
  • Super Fast SSD drives for fast processing included as standard, this is the only way we can guarantee the service will never run slow during peak times and you will never have issues with storage providing it’s within the limits of the plan 
  • We allocate a totally unique, dedicated IP to each customer on our shared plans, this is massively important and is not found on any other typical shared hosting plans
  • We include a dedicated cPanel license so our customers can create unlimited email accounts and add the critically important records to the DNS editor to verify sending domains to ensure the best possible email delivery
  • Build up a trusted sender reputation using a dedicated IP without the possibilty of others getting it blacklisted due to sending Spam
  • Powerful servers configured to send bulk emails using individual IPs and daily allocations can be sent during peak times

 To get started simply choose the plan below best suited to your current situation

The shared hosting plans are very flexible, and you can upgrade instantly from your admin panel once you see your lists growing and eventually we hope to see you upgrading to a dedicated server

You get instant access after purchase

You can use an existing domain you own or you can search and buy a new domain inside the members area during your purchase to use for your new hosting



10 GB Storage Space

Super Fast SSD Drives

Dedicated IP

Send up to 1000 emails per hour

Send up to 10,000 emails per day

Send up to 300,000 emails per month

Full cPanel Control Panel

Unlimited Bandwidth

4 Addon Domains

4 Subdomains

Unlimited Email Accounts

24×7 email Support



15 GB Storage Space

Super Fast SSD Drives

Dedicated IP

Send up to 1500 emails per hour

Send up to 15,000 emails per day

Send up to 450,000 emails per month

Full cPanel Control Panel

Unlimited Bandwidth

10 Addon Domains

10 Subdomains

Unlimited Email Accounts

24×7 email Support



15 GB Storage Space

Super Fast SSD Drives

Dedicated IP

Send up to 2000 emails per hour

Send up to 20,000 emails per day

Send up to 600,000 emails per month

Full cPanel Control Panel

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited  Addon Domains

Unlimited Subdomains

Unlimited Email Accounts

24×7 email Support

This is quite simply the most cost-effective hosting plan with guaranteed email delivery on the planet!

24/7 email support

We know the importance of uptime and we provide 24/7 email support to ensure you are always online, if we do find any issues, we normally get to the issue within 60 minutes so you are always online

Full cPanel Included

We include a full cPanel license in all shared accounts.  This enables customers to create and validate the important domain records required by the major ISPs to get great email delivery

One Click Installs

Create any type of blog, website, forum or ecommerce site using our built in 1 click app installer.  In a few clicks you can have your own WordPress site created and ready to go

Dedicated IP

We allocate a clean IP to all customers to use to send bulk email campaigns.  This ensures a trusted sender reputation can be developed for the best possible email delivery to the inbox

Getting started

Our service is fully automated, and your server access is created instantly.  You can use your existing domain or purchase a new domain in the set-up process at a discounted cost

Money Back Guarantee

Take 14 days to test the email delivery and general site loading speeds and ease of use.  If for any reason you are not delighted with the service let us know and we will issue a prompt refund

Want to connect the Inboxingpro app to the new server

We provide a full set up service that includes validating the servers and verifing the domain names to ensure you can build up a trusted sender reputation

We create 4 webmail email addresses to send your campaigns and validate the servers 

We also include the creation and validation of the essential DMARC records and the cost is just a one time $30

To take advantage of this discounted offer please add the service during the check out process

Not yet an Inboxingpro customer

If you would like to take advantage of the hosting service and use the Inboxingpro app to send your emails please visit the home page to check out the features here and choose the license best suited to you

We have a monthly option which is currently just $5.95 and provides unlimited everything for up to 20,000 subscribers so for a total monthly cost of just $25.95 you have a complete solution to host your sites and send bulk emails

Once you have made the purchase of the app, please proceed to complete the hosting purchase above and open a ticket inside the members area requesting the setup service and we can normally complete everything within 24 hours

Why pay more

For a limited time during this new hosting offer you can host your websites on superfast servers, send up to 300,000 emails per month that get delivered to the inbox not the spam box using your own dedicated IP for just $20 per month