Feature Rich End to End Solution provides Outstanding Performance

We have developed a complete email marketing solution that provides the most comprehensive range of features found in any other cloud based autoresponder with no monthly fees

We provide unlimited everything for up to 100,000 subscribers with many advanced features also included as standard that you would normally only find in far more expensive monthly programs

Additional Premium features normally only found in very expensive monthly programs

Create unlimited lists and add unlimited subscribers with no list verification required and you decide if you want to collect leads using single or double opt in

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If you are using single opt in you can simply automatically direct your subscriber to your OTO page or any page of your choice including direct to affiliate offers.  

Simply add the URL on the pre-configured subscription confirmed page

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Rather than sending all of your messages from 1 domain name take advantage of our unlimited sending domain option and simply set up domains based on your brand

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We have a built in automatic bounce processing, black list engine and feedback loop support so you never have to worry about spam complaints from any bounced emails

We have incorporated a specially designed Linux Daemon that provides parallel sending and enables you to send tens of thousands of emails per hour and there is simply no faster platform around for any cost

You are not limited in designing your own opt in form codes and you can customize as you want, load in your own CSS and JS files to make your forms look amazing

If you use a page builder, simply create your opt in list code in the app and copy and paste in to the page builder squeeze page without any further editing requirements

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Customise your lists and add tags to help you create tight segmented lists for better targeting

Re-engage with subscribers who didnt open your email

With our smart technology there is no reason to ever send a 2nd message to anyone who has opened a previous email

 Send the same campaign or create a new campaign and send only to the subscribers that didn’t open any previous emails or choose who did open any previous emails

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Below you can see how powerful this feature is with 178 more opens to the same campaign sent the following day to everyone who didnt open the orginal email

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Always use your own tracking link not ours to keep your campaigns safe

Track opens, clicks and unsubscribes and customise your email newsletter with your own unsubscribe link 

 Your sending domains automatically sign DKIM records for improved spam compliance and increased delivery

Automatically add your company details, website and unsubscribe links in every email to ensure you are always 100% spam compliant

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Choose from our pre-loaded template gallery with over 30 professional templates to choose from

Simply select, edit and send for outstanding results

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100% Responsive for Mobile

The app is 100% responsive and can be accessed from any device to send campaigns and check reports.

Emails are delivered faster and with more success when they are smaller to suit the device, InboxingPro automatically optimises all campaigns and delivers a perfectly formatted campaign to any device which is essential with over 40% of your target audience opening your emails on mobile devices

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Track clicks, opens, unsubscribes and bounce rates

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See results in real time and get the top referring ISPs

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Share your important data with your team

Provide password protected links to each of your campaigns to enable easy access from anywhere in the world in real time

Here is a quick recap of the range of features all included as standard 

Import unlimited subscribers

Single or double opt in

Add custom tags to personalize

Automatic unsubscribe links

Merge lists

List automation

Create embed codes

Load your own CSS and JS files

Set up automatic redirect to OTO

 Edit and customize list pages

Add actions on campaign opens

Send a welcome email

Automatic confirmation emails

Drag n drop campaign editor

Send plain text of html and plain text

Choose from over 30 html templates

Create groups

Add random content to campaigns

Personalize subject and email copy

Automatic bounce processing

Automatic complaint processing

Add suppression lists

Add email blacklists

Automatic list cleaner

Send test campaigns

Send Individual campaigns

Send campaigns set to future

Send unlimited follow up messages

Use RSS/JSON feeds in campaigns

Import/Export Lists, subscribers

Full campaign stats and reports

Subscribe/unsubscribe reports

12 pre-configured SMTP servers

Validate sending domains in the app

Add unlimited SMTP servers

Add unlimited domains

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