Support Pack Renewal

From the 21st September 2021 all Inboxingpro customers without a recurring active subscription for any of our services are required to have an active support pack in place to receive support, system updates and upgrades

We want to maintain our high level of customer service, provide the latest technology and maintain our infrastructure to ensure your service is uninterrupted and purchasing the support pack or additional services below ensures we can continue to do so

We would much prefer to provide an upgrade service that includes the support pack so we can provide as much added value as possible

To offset the cost of the support pack we have created some unique offers available only to you as a current customer

Of course if none of the services below are of interest you can purchase the support pack using the link provided to maintain your service

Annual Service Renewal - $37 per year

Keep your current app and members area access and receive premium support, system updates and upgrades for 12 months, the service charge  is automatically renewed on an annual basis but can be cancelled at any time

Upgrade Options

If you wish to upgrade your email autoresponder service, please select the Enterprise X upgrade option below which is highly recommended because for just an additional $10 per year you can get up to 5 times the results using cross channel marketing

Please Note

The additional SMS service is currently only available to customers living in US, Canada, Australia, and UK

Enterprise X Platform

Cross channel marketing gets up to 5 times the results compared to using just email

Our flagship platform includes a comprehensive range of email and SMS marketing features in 1 platform with no 3rd party integrations

Get the full information here

Currently, the cost of the service is $97 per year but during this support pack offer we have created 2 limited time bonus offers genuinely worth $100 for anyone living in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia where we provide a full SMS service and the support pack is included for just $47 per year

Bonus 1

Save $50 off the annual License Cost

Bonus 2

Get $50 in FREE SMS Credits

We want as many of our existing customers as possible to take this upgrade because it enables you to maximise conversions from the same traffic and generate new leads from cold SMS enquires as you can see on the sales page link here 

For an additional investment of just $10 you can lock in your Enterprise X License cost which includes the full support pack for the lifetime of your membership so dont miss this offer

 Specialist Hosting Services

We provide a range of totally unique solutions designed for email marketers to get better results with lower fixed costs

Use our SMTP service to send up to 300,000 emails per month from your own dedicated IP for outstanding delivery or add hosting for unlimited websites on super-fast servers and the highest standard specification in the industry

Get 15% off selected annual plans below and get the support pack included for FREE

You can see the special offers below, to get the full details of each plan please click the links below 

Please Click here to get the Pro Host Information

To get the discount click the Upgrade Now links below, choose your domain (Use your own or use our FREE Domain) click continue to the check out and use coupon code SUPPUNL4 to take 15% off the annual cost of each plan below

Dont need hosting but still want to send emails from an SMTP server

Send up to 300,000 emails per month with no hosting included

Please click here to get the SMTP Server only Information

This Specialist hosting is the lowest cost, premium hosting on the planet!

You will not find any other service providing the same high server specifications, including a dedicated IP per customer and guaranteed email sending allowance for double the cost and during this 4-day offer, you can save a further 15% and get the $37 support pack for free locked in for the lifetime of your access


What does the support pack Include?

Premium Support

We provide a 7-day support desk access and we aim to reply to each ticket within 4 hours during normal office hours

We also provide a private member’s area with help guides and resources and we will be adding more tutorials and training resources each month

Server Maintenance 24/7

We store over 19 million subscribers on our servers and provide services for thousands of customers, each of whom have unlimited lists, domains, servers, and campaigns

We send millions of emails so you can imagine the work required just to keep this just moving along

We employ extremely dedicated, talented server admins working 24/7 to keep our systems constantly monitored and updated so our valued customers get the very best service with no interruption 

System Upgrades

Over the last 4 years we have continued to develop new features which have been added to the system, we have new features planned and the small investment for the support pack ensures we can continue this development

Loyalty Discounts

We will provide an exclusive discount off any new product or service we launch and as founder members this discount is locked in for life

I don’t use the app, do I need the support pack

The simple answer is NO, if you don’t use the app and have no intentions to do so in future you don’t need the support pack

If you don’t use the app now but may want to start at some time, you do need the support pack to get access to the member area resources and the support desk to help you along the way

We also have a set up service where we appoint a server tech to do everything for you so all you need to do is create a campaign and send, this service is included in most of our services for free

What happens if I don’t take the support pack upgrade?

Without wishing to appear negative, it is important to understand the complexities to keeping a service with such big resources moving along with no issues, so you have an uninterrupted service

We employ full time server admins for a reason because things do stop working, systems need to be rebooted, plugins upgraded or replaced so the chances of your app not requiring some management or support at some time in the future is zero

You can of course take the chance and if you do use the app and get any issues you can buy the support pack at the cost at that time which currently is $67 per year

But more importantly, is it worth risking your service going offline for a few days until you get your support in place and we get to find and fix your issues when for a small annual investment of $37 per year you can have total peace of mind that your key business tool is working to full capacity and is not going to be offline 

What Happens Next

After you make payment you will directed to a page to register for your support pack or Enterprise X upgrade, we manually upgrade your existing app and add the SMS features, and this will be completed within 24 – 48 hours

For any hosting orders you will automatically receive your login details sent to the email you use to make the purchase