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You can now provide professional services to unlimited clients using our ENTERPRISE License

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UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY to maximise your income and secure long-term contracts providing your clients with their own app access for 100% Profits

  • You sell the app access to your clients for 100% Profits
  • You sell Credits directly for 100% Profits
  • You create and manage up to 50 Client Accounts for 100% Profits

This is the next logical step

You will discover most clients want to access their own campaigns and view reports etc as soon as they see some results

So this additional service adds more revenue to your business and PROVIDES A BETTER USER EXPERIENCE TO YOUR CLIENTS

Providing your client with their own app access has massive benefits for them


Flexibility is key

If your client is doing all the work, you can reduce your monthly service fee or even remove it and make your margin selling credits at retail costs

If the client only wants to view campaigns etc and wants a managed service, you can tailor a monthly package based on the work required and the number of credits they buy each month

Setting up is very quick and easy

You create the client account in your reseller app and issue a username and password which is automatically sent to your client to login to access their own app

You can provide client services directly from your reseller app or you can login to the client app and create campaigns directly

Sell credits directly for 100% profits

As part of the reseller package, we have removed the buy button from the sidebar navigation so the only way for a client to buy credits is to buy directly from you at prices you set

This provides great flexibility to create a service based on each clients own requirements

It’s a simple service that is designed to scale

Providing managed services is a great way to build a long term business but as soon as your client is aware they can access their own app and use live chat to talk to unlimited customers it’s a no brainer decision for most local business owners

Having the ability to generate leads on autopilot using our chat bot flows, add the leads to a phone book list and then have the option to talk in real time by text has massive benefits

Here is an example of a local restaurant using live chat

Lets assume your client is getting 20 – 30 bookings per week from the SMS campaigns and by contacting each customer directly using the live chat feature they can add 50% more shows 

That is an additional 10 bookings each week, or around 40 per month

Even if the restaurant average order value is only $30 per booking

It adds an additional $1200 to the bottom line each month so paying you $10 per month in advance has to be a no brainer deal for them

Can you see the massive potential of this service?

  • Sell services directly 
  • Keep 100% of the costs
  • Provide the app access included in your monthly service fee
  • Provide it for free and sell credits with a retail mark up
  • We provide 24/7 Support so you dont have to 

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Imagine building a portfolio of 30 - 40 clients...

You can still manage this yourself and generate a 6-figure income

Even if all the fees are only $150 - $200 per month it can quite easily generate a monthly income of $6,000 - $8,000 per month

This is the sheer beauty of providing digital marketing services

Take the reseller license today and this is all you will pay for 12 months access

We cancel the $27 per month payment making this an outstanding investment not to be missed

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Why you need this upgrade

  • You have exclusive rights to provide the credits for your clients to use to send their campaigns and you can provide a service to suit each client
  • This is a perfect way to add massive value to your clients and ensure you secure long term relationships
  • Some clients will have more of a hands approach and all you will be required to do is oversee the account and sell credits, others will still want a fully managed service and with the reseller 50 license you have totally flexibility to tailor your services to suit each client
  • The sky is the limit on earnings potential with this license and remember each client is worth a minimum of $2400 per year paying you just $197 per month so 6 months fees from just 1 client pays for your 12 months access to provide up to 50 end user licenses

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