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Google Proof email marketing app opens tomorrow (Black Friday sale not to be missed)

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Total email marketing solution gets 80% open rates (Black Friday Bonanza)

We have all heard the money is in the list but getting started with email marketing can be difficult and more importantly very costly

In addition to the autoresponder, you need to buy some sort of page builder to create the lead capture pages, you need high quality lead magnets to convert your traffic, products of your own to sell and high converting follow up messages to do the selling

This upfront cost can run into hundreds of dollars before you have even made a sale, and this is the reason a lot of people never get any further

This is all about to change with the launch of the InboxingPro Black Friday sale

InboxingPro is a cloud-based autoresponder which launched in September last year and has thousands of customers using it as their autoresponder of choice getting outstanding results

Normally this system is available as an annual fee but for during this special sale you can get a fully featured system for a very low one-time fee which provides lifetime access

 PRO START addresses the issue of getting started and provides a total biz in a box, in addition to the autoresponder...

You get lead magnets, funnel building software, products of your own to sell and finally, done for 7-day campaigns to do the selling for you, simply copy and paste in to the autoresponder to make automated profits

Now cloud based autoresponders are not new and a few have been launched over the last few months but what makes this solution totally unique is the way the app automatically validates the sender’s reputation with all of the ISPs and emails are delivered by the major ISPs when the senders reputation is high

Such is the power of the app, you will see many customers getting up to 80% open rates on their campaigns which is just unknow

You can see the full range of features on the link below

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It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned Pro or new to email marketing, this app provides a total solution that ranges from sending a few thousand emails per day for free up to sending 100,000 email per hour using pre-configured 3rd party services if you are a bulk sender

This is a tried and tested solution available with a massive discount during this limited time Black Friday sale and this gets my highest recommendation