Latest APP Update (GDPR)

We have just completed a major system update to help provide even more flexibility and become GDPR compliant

We will be providing more information on how to get the most out of some key features over the coming days but below you can see our change log which details each change

The most significant additions are to the custom fields which now provide options to add consent to send marketing emails and you can choose between text fields and drop downs

To help understand the information this is what each tag means below

[ADD] New feature added

[BUG] Bug found and fixed

[CHG] Either changed function or improved it

[IMP] Improved performance

[ENH]  Enhancement to existing feature

[ADD] - The "Use for" from delivery servers has been added

[ADD] - Added separate views for Regular and Autoresponders

[ADD] - Added ability to sort Regular and Autoresponder campaigns

[ADD] - Added checkbox fields for forms

[ADD] - Added description text area for all list custom fields

[ADD] - Added consent checkbox fields for forms

 [ADD] - Plain text only campaigns will render in html mode for the web version

 [BUG] - Fix a bug where campaign queue tables wouldn't be populated for autoresponders

[CHG] - "Email blacklist suggestions" have now become "Block email requests"

[CHG] - When submitting data at "Block address" page, subscriber will get a confirmation email and the email will be blacklisted automatically upon confirmation

 [ENH] - The translate command will now preserve the translated strings existing in the translated files

 [ADD] - Added PHP info from CLI to backend > misc > php info

[ADD] - Added ability to add extra tags per campaign basis

[ADD] - Added customer export ability for account, api keys, bounce/fbl/delivery servers, email box monitors, campaigns, campaign tags

[ADD] - Added customer export ability for lists, messages, sending domains, tracking domains, suppression lists, templates, template categories 

[ADD] - Added Email Lists export ability

[ADD] - Added ability to export subscriber profile per list

[ADD] - Added ability to export campaigns sent to a subscriber

[ADD] - Added a new delivery server type, postmastery (

[ADD] - Added the "name" attribute for campaign templates

 [IMP] - Improved delivery servers quota checks, now they are very strict with a very small leeway

 [ADD] - Added "Last 7 days subscribers activity" graph for each list

[ADD] - Added ability to create a campaign only for a single subscriber

 [ADD] - Added PostMark delivery server type

 [ADD] - Added ability to take List Subscriber Actions into consideration in import too

 [ADD] - Added ability to select the subscriber status when copy emails into a list from another list

 [ADD] - Added ability to resend campaign stats after 24 hours too

We are committed to improving the app and we are constantly working on festures to help you get even better results