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Providing a number to send campaigns

Our service is the same using an existing landline that has been text enabled or by providing a new number to use exclusively for SMS 2-way campaigns

This process is exactly the same for US and Canadian Number requests

Requesting a Landline connection

To enable a landline for 2-way SMS text messages is very quick and east to complete

In the app sidebar navigation click Sender ID

Click Request new Sender ID

Enter only the landline number with the country code 1 you wish to enable and click send

The number will show as pending

Submit an application

To complete a request, we need a recent telecoms bill and a LOA (Letter of Agency) completing and signing by your client the landline owner

If your client is not the landline owner, the letter must be signed by the landline owner

Download the letter from the link below

Please click here to download the LOA

You can send the letter as an attachment in an email to your client and they can simply print it out, complete, sign and return, either using a digital signature or a photo taken on their phone which can be returned as an attachment to your original email

We provide a link below to access a free service to enable you to create the LOA digitally which your client can sign and return if this is more convenient

Please click here to create a free account with smallpdf

When you have the signed LOA and recent bill, please attach to an email, and send to the following address

Once we have received the request and LOA we will process and approve the application, normally within 24 - 48 hours but if you submit a request over a weekend period this may result in a slight delay. 

Once approved, we will reply to your email with the approval confirmation and the number will be enabled in the app ready to use

Requesting a new SMS number

In the app sidebar navigation click Sender ID

Click Request new Sender ID

If you wish to request a new number to use to send text messages only, please enter the preferred local code and we will try to allocate the local number, if the area code is not available, we will provide a close alternative

For new number requests we do not need any other information and numbers are allocated automatically

Once the number is approved you will see the status move from pending to enabled and the number is ready to use

We normally approve the request within 48 hours but if you submit a request over a weekend period this may result in a slight delay

Please note:

We can text enable 95% of national landline numbers

The only issues that arise when transferring hosted messaging is if a provider has a block on their numbers.

 Hosted messaging is normally an automated process where as soon as our team approves the request the number is transferred to our messaging network.

If a provider has a block on their numbers, the automated request does not go through and manual intervention is required.

The following providers are the ones that we know have a block on their numbers for messaging:

Bandwidth, Aerialink, and Callfire

If your customer uses any of these providers, please ask them to reach out directly and ask them to approve the release of messaging after you have submitted the application

As part of our service, we will contact the provider and request the number is released but they usually require approval directly from the customer, so this saves time

Please make sure to check each application is correct and contains all the information required, if we receive an incorrect application or missing information, we can’t process, and this adds time to the process

Text enabled Landlines and SMS local number rental charges

Annual License Offer

If you are subscribing to any of our annual licenses the first 60 days telephone rental cost is included.

Providing you purchase a minimum of $10 credits each month the line rental is included in the annual license fee

If you don’t purchase a minimum of $10 per month in credits in the first 2 months or any subsequent month thereafter a rental charge is payable of $25 per year and will be invoiced automatically

Monthly Service

If your license is a monthly fee the line rental is included in your service fee regardless of your monthly spend

Additional Client Numbers

Each additional number allocated, either as a text enabled landline or a new number to use to send campaigns on behalf of your clients costs $25 per year

You will receive an invoice directly inside the app and this requires payment before the number is made active