Inboxing Secrets

Marketers guide to mastering the art of inboxing

Whilst some would have you believe social media is the only game in town

 Consider these facts

Email marketing is still the number one method to engage with your followers, subscribers and customers

In a recent survey, email marketing was over 6 times more efficient than social media and provided a 45% better return on investment

The lifetime value of a customer sourced by email is worth 12 times more than a customer from Facebook

But It is getting harder to deliver your emails to the inbox not the spam box

With over 50% of all emails sent classed as spam we all must work harder to make sure we are set up for success

In this comprehensive 16 page report you will discover...

How to set up your email infrastructure for maximum results

The importance of a trusted sender reputation and how to achieve this quickly using free tools

Top 400 spam words to avoid like the plague if you want to pass the spam police test

How to set up your campaigns to pass the google spam checks (Get this wrong and say goodbye to any significant results)

Understanding what the ISPs are looking for in your emails and why this might not be what you think

How to identify a spam trap and how to remove it from your lists

‚ÄčBlack Lists- what is a blacklist and if you are on 1 how to remove your domain quickly and for free

And much much more..