SMS Set up Guide

To get started please follow the set-up guide below in the order we provide so you can be set up and ready to go in the shortest time

Your members area access will be updated to include the new SMS features and user guides 

​When you login for the first time you will need to set up some basic requirements

Watch the video below and if you need more help check the set up guide below

Step 1

Complete the profile section below

Enter your personal and business details here and this page is where you can access your own details, view invoices and support tickets

Step 2

Set up a Sender ID

To send and receive messages requires a sender ID and approved telephone number. No messages can be sent or received without this number so this is an essential step to complete

The sender ID can be used for 1-way messages for most European countries but 1 way messages sent from the US are sent from the telephone number not the sender ID

if you are in the US you can still request a sender ID and any 1-way messages sent to any European numbers are sent from your own Sender ID

The sender ID is unique and can be a maximum of 11 letters

The sender ID is shown to your recipients as the sender of the message for 1 way messages so create an ID that your customers can recognise you by 

Please add the first 3 digits of your local telephone number and we will do our best to allocate a number based on your own area code

If you are requesting a sender ID and phone number for a client you follow the same proceedure and simply select the client name in the client field 

Once we receive your request, we confirm your sender ID and allocate an outbound number for you to use to send and receive your messages within 24 hours but normally within a couple of hours during working days

Sender ID approved and local number allocated.  You can also see the details inyour profile section 

Step 3

Adding Contacts

We store contacts in a phone book,  you can create a new phone book for each new list you wish to create.

  If you are setting up lead generation keyword campaigns you can create a seperate phone book for each campaign and the contacts are added automatically from all replies

To create a new phone book list

If you wish to add the SMS contact details to an email list, make sure you create a new email list before creating the SMS phone book list

Setting up a new email list

By default, we provide 3 custom fields,

First name, Last name, Email

To sync with an SMS list please add the following text fields



If you do not want to collect the last name, simply change the label and tag as follows

Label = Mobile Phone


Add a new country text field

 Scroll down to the bottom of the template and select Add country field

Add a label = Country


When you have added the fields you require make sure to set the order you wish the fields to be displayed in your opt-in forms, select YES for required and visible for all 4 fields

Normally, the order will be

First name set to 0

Email set to 1

Mobile number set to 2

Country set to 3

Click save changes and the form is ready to use and you have the option to use the default code or the opt-in form templates to collect the data

Once the email list has been created click on Phone book and Add new list

Name the list

Select the client if applicable

Tick the box to allow to automatically add contacts to the email list

Add a welcome message that can be set to send instantly or set to a delay and this is automatically sent to all new subscribers

We can collect the name and email of each new subscriber and this data is stored in the contact list along with the mobile number, to personalize the welcome message add the first name using the merge fields “First name”

If you have any existing customers and subscribers with mobile numbers you can create a phone book and add the contacts either manually or you can import clicking on import contacts

Step 4

Buying Credits

You send your SMS campaigns using credits that are automatically added to your account after purchase.

 The credits are available on as pay as you go basis and the cost of each credit is based on your country of origin and is set as the default cost

Enter the number of credits required and the total cost is automatically displayed

Choose to pay using Paypal or Stripe

The credits are automatically added to your balance and the credits are deducted automatically from your balance based on 1 credit per 160-character message

If your message exceeds 160 characters 2 credits will be deducted

Credits are deducted for outbound and inbound messages

Credits are purchased on a pay as you go basis and do not expire

View Invoice

Once you make your purchase, the credits are automatically added to your account and are deducted automatically based on the number of messages sent

You can view your invoice and print or save for your own records

Step 5

Creating Client Accounts

We provide a full client module

You can provide full agency services for clients and you can create accounts in the app and also create client groups to easily manage larger client bases 

Watch the video below for a full walk through and follow the guides below if you need more help

To add a new client click on add new client and complete the required information

Import/Export your existing clients

Client Sender ID

Active from 7 days 

You can request a sender ID for your clients if you think the volume is enough to justify the additional monthly cost

This enables your clients to promote an exclusive number and an 11-character unique alpha sender ID in any of their promotions and you can send campaigns and set up chat bots using the exclusive number

Please Note

Alpha sender IDs not currently valid in the US

To request a new sender ID, follow the steps above to request your own sender ID and add the client name to the request, once we approve the ID we will also set up a recurring invoice to cover the rental of the number and unique alpha sender ID

Allocating Client Credits

You allocate credits to a client account

You manually add credits to your client account and the credits are automatically deducted from your balance and added to your client balance.  You can also deduct credits from a client and these are added back to your balance

Click the link in the client profile, "Update credit balance"

Enter the number of credits you wish to add or deduct to your client and click add

To deduct credits enter a -number -50 for example

Credits added to the client balance and deducted from your balance

SMS Templates

You can insert a range of merged fields to help personalize and create the text that can be edited with new links if required

You can create a range of templates based on the type of messages you are sending and simply select the template when you are creating your campaigns

Next Step

Now you have the basics of the set up completed its time to create your campaigns, automated chat bots and lead generation 

Click the link to continue to the User Guide - Creating Campaign keywords