Email follow up messages

We have provided a couple of ideas to add into your autoresponder follow up messages.  Please make sure you rewrite the content in your own words and personality to get the best conversions


Email automation with no monthly fees


Email marketing is still the number 1 method to engage with your customers and subscribers and it provides a return on investment of over 4000%

The issue is all the main stream autoresponder companies like aweber and get response charge a monthly fee which once you get more than few hundred subscribers you are paying a significant amount each month

InboxingPro launched last September and is seeing outstanding results

Its cloud based so nothing to install and you can be up and running in less than 20 minutes

And here is the secret to the outstanding delivery

Every email sent from the app passes the 3 essential protocol tests to become a trusted sender and as a trusted sender your emails get to the inbox not the spam box

You can read real life testimonials from marketers that have used all the big monthly services and not only is it far cheaper, they also report getting better delivery with some seeing over 95%

Click the link to check it out, you can import subscribers with no list verification and create stunning campaigns using pre-made templates or a drag and drop editor

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The worlds most intuitive autoresponder with no monthly fees


Email marketing is getting more and more difficult to land your message in the inbox

Spam is at an all-time high

ISPs fighting to combat spam with over half of all email sent now classed as spam

So, what is the answer

To get emails delivered you need to become a trusted sender, you do this by passing essential protocols that verify you are sending emails that can be verified not to be spam

Once you can do this your domain authority increases and you become w trusted sender

The issue is how to set this up so al of your emails pass the test

InboxingPro is a cloud-based autoresponder with no monthly fees that has built in verification, so emails sent from this app automatically pass the 3 key protocols and get a trusted sender reputation

The app provides a total end to end solution, you can import subscribers with no list verification, create unlimited lists and campaigns and send from unlimited domain names

The app is getting outstanding feedback as you will see from the testimonials with many getting far better delivery than the main stream monthly services and saving a fortune doing so

Its not very often you can make a significant saving and get a better ROI so click the link below to check it out

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