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Creating Keyword Campaigns

You can create multiple keyword campaigns to target offers and build your list of subscribers

To get started click Keyword Campaigns, add a new campaign list name and click ADD

Add a new Keyword

Once you have created your campaign click on add a new keyword

Select the campaign and add the keyword which can be a maximum of 11 characters 

Enter the text you want your subscribers to see on the reply message

Set the status to live

Select the contact list you wish to add your new subscribers

The name and number of each reply is added to your phone book contact lists and this list can be used to send bulk or autoresponder messages 

Set the time period you wish to provide access to this offer and click add

You can add multiple keywords to a campaign and you can create multiple campaigns

Click view all keywords to view your campaigns and keywords, click manage to make changes

Sending SMS Campaigns

Regular & Autoresponder 

Send Quick SMS

If you want to send a quick SMS to an individual customer or a few subscribers, you can copy and paste the numbers and send the campaign using this option

The message will be sent using the sender ID as the sender and this is an outbound only message and replies are not enabled

This would also be used to send individual confirmations or alerts to individual customers

Bulk SMS

Send bulk campaigns which can use the keyword feature

To use this feature, select the campaign and the keywords created for this campaign will be in the keyword field drop down

If you use a keyword the message is sent using the sender ID telephone number, if no keyword is selected the message is sent from your sender ID

If you use the keyword option, the contact details of the reply messages are automatically added to the contact list you specified in the keyword campaign set up

The keyword campaign can collect the name and email of the recipient together with the telephone number

To do this send your bulk message and include the following reply request

Please reply with "Your keyword" name and email to get the details/offer/special offer etc

You can send to a contact list in your phone book or copy and paste the list of numbers to send the message

Always provide the opt out link and you can also use the merge fields to personalize the message with first name

Send instantly or schedule the message to send at a later time/date

Send from file

If you have a list of contacts in a file use this option to import the contacts to send the message, this can also be used to send a scheduled message at a later date/time

Autoresponder SMS

It is possible to set up automated follow up messages

You can choose to set up automated message based on day, week month etc or to set up a custom time that can be different for each message use the custom time option

Please note:

If you choose to send at regular intervals the same message is sent based on the time intervals set up so be careful using this feature

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