Next generation cloud based app sends up to 8,000 em​ails per day for FREE harnessing the power of 6 of the worlds specialist email service providers with NO MONTHLY FEES!

Email marketing is the number 1 method to generate sales online

With an email list, you are never short of traffic and you don’t have to rely on SEO or Facebook to generate your income

With an email list,  simply send an email and sit back and watch the sales come in

But and more and more marketers are seeing declining results

There is no question Email marketing is getting tougher

Open rates are steadily falling

Spam at an all-time high

Autoresponder companies clamping down making it even harder to get results

So today more than ever you need to make sure every single email you send hits the inbox

So What are ​​​​the options

Continue with ex​pensive monthly autoresponder services

Increasingly becoming more and more restrictive as they fight to cope with the ever-increasing spam threats

Compliance is getting more and more difficult resulting in less flexibility

You pay based on the number of subscribers you store NOT the number of emails you send resulting in the vast majority paying more monthly fees than they should be

Try to use self hosted WordPress plugins or desk top scripts

Good luck with that!

You need to be an advanced tech just to install the software scripts

Constantly updating software and plugins

Can only access from your PC

Poor deliverability using SMTP incorrectly configured 

​It’s a lovey idea to think you can send unlimited emails using a cheap shared hosting account which is what most marketers start out using to host their websites and blogs

The simple fact is not only does shared hosting not work, it cannot possibly work to get any sort of delivery success

Here is just some of the issues...

The IPs are always blacklisted because of the number of people sharing the server

They apply very low sending limits so you will be very lucky to "send" 100 emails per hour but 99.9% of these emails will end up in the spam folder at best but generally will be blocked

Hosting companies have a very bad reputation because they send 80% of the world’s spam

You cannot validate your sending domain so zero chance of getting past the spam filters because you are on a shared IP

You cannot add the essential records to validate your reputation as a trusted sender

In most cases you don't have control over the bounce email address (Return-Path header) which is a major requirement for any ISP, resulting in your emails hitting the spam box

So, what is the answer

We know from our members of both our list building and PLR resale membership sites that paying the expensive monthly fees to set up an autoresponder is the biggest single issue stopping the vast majority getting to the next level

It’s a chicken and egg situation because without an autoresponder you can never build a list but without a list you will never build an online business

I have spent days and weeks looking for affordable solutions to this problem to provide my members with the essential tools they need

The only alternative to an expensive monthly fee was the various WordPress plugins, scripts and web based systems using the customers own hosting but I am yet to find a complete solution that is simple to set up, requires no installation and most importantly ensures all the essential requirements to become a trusted sender are included in the set up

That is, up until now!

I have spent 9 months researching, designing and developing a brand new, next generation cloud based app that provides a powerful interface that is copy and paste simple to set up and ensures all the requirements required to become a trusted sender are included

This app has been built from the ground up and includes many advanced features not found in previous plugins and software

Because its web based there is nothing to install, simply log in, set up your system and send your campaigns

We have created an easy to use interface that sets up your system to include all the essential requirements to fully comply with all the spam regulations and fully compliant with DMARC

You use your own domain name to send from and by complying with the latest rules, you build up your sender’s reputation which means you get even more emails in the inbox

You add an essential bounce server to handle and remove bounced emails automatically

Add a tracking domain and add the essential feedback loop server and if you can copy and paste you can be set up and ready to send your first campaign very quickly

We have designed this app with scale in mind

We know as marketers everyone is not at the same level so we needed to ensure everyone has a simple to implement solution to deliver emails in to the inbox

The entry level provides a simple to set up platform to send unlimited emails using your own VPS hosting SMTP and we have advanced options that can send 100k emails per hour using our built in parallel sending function

We have fully integrated powerful APIs to 6 of the world’s leading dedicated email service providers who are collectively responsible for sending over 80% of the world’s non-spam emails so you are in good company

And here is how the magic happens...

It’s a little-known fact that some of these email service providers allow a number of free email sends per month

We have designed complex algorithms in the app to send the maximum number of emails allowed per hour using the free credits from each 3rd party provider so you get the absolute best delivery rates possible with no monthly fees to pay

If you connect just 2 accounts you can send over 8000 emails every day for free

And remember, these services are the best performing email services providers in the world with delivery rates in excess of 98% so providing you comply with the sending rules and don’t send spam you have an extremely valuable resource for free

And this system has been designed with scale in mind

Need to send more than 8000 emails per day?

Simply upgrade your plan with your chosen provider and pay as little as 9 cents per 1000 emails sent

The app is set up to send your campaigns using the free allocation first from all of the service providers connected and you then pay as you go but at a massively reduced cost

Volume Sending

If you are a high-volume sender and NOT USING A DEDICATED EMAIL SERVICE PROVIDER you are missing out massively on getting more emails delivered to the inbox and the opportunity to save a fortune

Do the math, you know what you pay each month and how many emails you send, you are getting a massive 250,000 emails sent per month for free and you will pay as little as 90 cents for every additional 10,000 emails sent

Simply compare this cost to your current monthly fees and it’s a no brainer potentially saving you thousands per year AND GETTING MORE EMAILS DELIVERED


Let our rock-solid cloud based servers take the load

It’s a simple yet ingenious system that lets you store unlimited subscribers

Add unlimited campaigns

Create unlimited lists

Send Unlimited emails using your own VPS SMTP

AND allows you to send up to 250,000 emails per month for free using just 2 of the wotlds most powerful email service providers

Imagine getting a far higher delivery rate than the traditional autoresponders can provide AND SAVING YOU A FORTUNE ON MONTHLY FEES ALONG THE WAY!

No down time or delays because we are using the world’s most powerful specialist email service providers to deliver your emails

InboxingPro has been designed with the marketer in mind

Get total freedom to build your business like you want to...

Not like the autoresponder companies tell you to!

Check out the features and total flexibility of this next generation cloud based app

No Tech Required

Copy Paste Simple

Mobile Responsive

Send campaigns from your phone

Unlimited Everything

Lists, Subscribers, campaigns

Cloud Based App

Access from anywhere

HTML Editor

Create great looking emails

Smart import/export

Subscribers, lists, reports, stats

Single or Double opt-in

Re-direct to OTO page

Always have clean lists

Automatic bounce processing

Restful API & Webhooks

Powerful Extensions

Cusomizable List Forms

Fast Parallel Sending

Advanced features Included as Standard

State of the art parallel sending technology as standard

Easily send up to 100k emails per hour with great delivery rates

Keep your lists clean with our built in automatic bounce processing

Create emails and send from anywhere in the world even from your phone

Template tag management

IP Location services

Translate into your own langauge

Setting up your system is copy and paste simple

Adding your 3rd party server, bounce serversending domain and tracking domain is copy and paste simple and takes just minutes to create using our pre-configured templates

Create Great looking Newsletters using our Drag and Drop Html editor

Get detailed reports with the built in report generator

To make this one of easiest decisions you will ever have to make we have created 3 great bonus products to really help you get the most out of your new autoresponder

Fast Action Bonuses are available for the launch period only

Get Maximum ROI from all of your campigns

Doesn’t it make perfect sense to ensure you are getting the maximum return from your email marketing efforts

The key to maximising your ROI is to get more emails where you want them to land Getand that is in the inbox not the spam box

Get you message in front of enough people and you will make sales and build your list

The more people that open your emails the more click throughs and the better reputation you get

It’s a snowball effect and the best part is you don’t have any expensive monthly fees

This is app requires no installation or set up

If you can copy and paste you can be set up and sending your first campaign very quickly

Sounds great how much

So, based on the totally unique features, outstanding delivery and the opportunity to save yourself a small fortune on monthly fees you are probably thinking the cost has to be upwards of $500 as a one-time payment because it is genuinely worth at least that and more

If you have 1000 subscribers in aweber you will pay $49 per month which is a staggering $588 per year

If you have 10,000 subscribers you are paying $99 per month or $ per year so $500 is a great deal

But this is a limited time launch and we want to get this working for as many markers as possible simply because the more people we can help build a list, the more new members we can add to our membership sites