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Thank you for registering for our 5 day boot camp training

The first part of the training will be delivered today to the email you used to request the training and the rest of the training will be delivered daily after that

As you will see, the training focuses on providing the best practice to get more emails delivered to the inbox

You can buy 3rd party services to deliver emails using SMTP servers and you can of course pay monthly services like Aweber and Getresponse etc, but this can get very expensive

Our training shows how to use your own hosting which can save a fortune over time

It is important to understand the different types of hosting before you dive into the training 

We have provided a quick overview of the different types of hosting available to you so if you don’t currently have hosting you can make sure you select the right plan to send bulk emails at the lowest cost

Whilst you can find lots of variations on a theme, hosting is broken down into 2 main categories

Dedicated Server Hosting

The dedicated server is the top tier of web hosting, Dedicated Servers are just what the name implies, a server dedicated to you.

All the hardware that makes up the server is under your control. Dedicated servers often share network access with neighbouring dedicated servers in a data centre, but they share no hardware and each one is dedicated to its own customer.

 These plans tend to be the most expensive but give you the best performance, security, and flexibility

VPS Hosting

VPS Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting is a cross between Shared & Dedicated. A physical server, called the parent, runs several VPS instances, which are granted a strict portion of the parent server’s hardware resources.

These instances are rented out and operate as independent servers from one another, so it’s essentially renting part of a dedicated server.

These plans range in prices and offer easy affordable scaling and better performance or security than a shared hosting website.

You also normally get a dedicated IP and for an additional fee you can get a cPanel license to access the DNS editor to add the records to verify the sending domain

Traditional Shared Hosting

This is what most marketers start out with because it is very cheap and does the job of hosting a few websites

Shared hosting allows you to rent space on a shared hosting server along with hundreds if not thousands of other customers to host websites

It is not designed or intended to send bulk emails and it has 2 major issues which make it impossible

Shared IP

Unlike a dedicated server, a shared server only has 1 IP and everyone hosting websites share the IP

 In most cases the shared IP is always blacklisted because of people trying to send spam

Sending allowance

Because a shared hosting is designed to only host websites it does not include any bulk email sending allowance so at best you may be able to send 50 – 100 emails which is clearly not sufficient for email marketers

Add to this the fact that any emails sent never get delivered because they end up in the spam folder make this option a waste of time but this is the most common type of hosting marketers starting out try to use to send bulk emails which causes major frustration and delays

Totally Unique Solution Now Available

As email marketing software developers and we are constantly asked about hosting and back in 2019 we decided to create a specialist hosting division clearly aimed at the small to medium sized email marketer looking to get the best email delivery without breaking the bank

We know getting emails delivered is dependent on 2 key requirements

Dedicated IP

To get any sort of delivery success, you must send bulk email from a dedicated IP, this is critical to the success of any campaign and is the only way you can control your own reputation and sender score

Domain Reputation

All the major ISPs like Google and Yahoo check the sending domain reputation of every email sender and unless the domain has been validated and verified, emails will end up in the spam folder

We have built this into our autoresponder app and the domain records required are automatically created and are simply copied and pasted into the DNS editor of the server

Our new hosting service takes advantage of the low cost of storing websites using a shared server and adds the critical dedicated IP and full cPanel access so our customers can add the records and send from their own IP

This provides the best of both worlds

You save on the website hosting and get guaranteed email delivery sending from a dedicated IP and we have taken the service to the next level with advanced features added as standard

We provide Cloudflare protection and lightning fast site load speeds using lite speed cache and SSD Storage

We also include a premium domain name and SSL certificate to get you off to the best start

This service continues to grow from strength to strength

We provide a choice of plans based on your exact requirements so you never pay for services you don’t need or use and upgrading is quick and easy when you are ready

You can get started from just $7.95 per month including a dedicated IP, guaranteed email sending allowance and super-fast web hosting including a full cPanel control panel which is a massive saving and a guaranteed solution

You can learn more about this unique service here